Wall Street Journal taps Kiewra’s note-taking expertise

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Wall Street Journal taps Kiewra’s note-taking expertise

Nebraska Headliners
Nebraska's Ken Kiewra in the Wall Street Journal
The expertise of Nebraska's Ken Kiewra was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal.

For an inquiry into best note-taking practices, The Wall Street Journal reached out to the expertise of Nebraska’s Ken Kiewra.

A professor of educational psychology, Kiewra is recognized as a national expert on note-taking. He also conducts research on the processes of teaching and learning, and how individuals develop talents.

In The Wall Street Journal’s Burning Question feature on Oct. 23, writer Heidi Mitchell asked Kiewra to discuss the effectiveness of typing versus handwriting notes during a lecture or meeting. Kiewra also outlines study methods that can benefit all notetakers.

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