Nebraska U moves to flatten COVID-19 curve

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Nebraska U moves to flatten COVID-19 curve

The university is transitioning all summer courses to remote access learning.

To reduce potential impacts of the 2019 novel coronavirus, the University of Nebraska system will close its campuses effective April 8. All university functions will continue through the facility closure.

The move, outlined in an April 7 email from NU System President Ted Carter, Chancellor Ronnie Green and other university leaders, applies to all employees, including student workers. The decision will continue for at least two weeks. Only employees designated by supervisors will be allowed on campus and will have access to buildings. Computer and study space previously available in the Nebraska Union, Nebraska East Union and Adele Hall Learning Commons will be closed until further notice.

“Models from our public health experts predict that cases of COVID-19 in Nebraska will peak sometime in late April,” NU leaders said in the email. “Now is the time to do all we can to ‘flatten the curve’ to keep our health care systems and the professionals who staff them from becoming overwhelmed.”

University leadership will assess the decision and announce what level of remote work is appropriate after the two-weeks. The decision will include advice from medical experts and data on COVID-19 in Nebraska.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln faculty and staff have until 5 p.m. April 10 to access necessary items in their campus offices. Remote access instruction for students will continue unabated during the two-week period.

Details on how this decision impacts the broader university community are below. The complete announcement from university leadership is available here.

How does this impact faculty and staff?

  • Remote access instruction will continue without interruption.

  • All employees are expected to continue working from home unless specifically designated. Employees designated to continue working on campus will receive a notice from their supervisor.

  • Only employees designated will have access to campus buildings.

How does this impact research?

  • Only projects designated as “critical research activities” will be allowed to continue after April 8. Other research may be continued, but only with leadership approvals. A complete list of research-related impacts is available here and on the Office of Research and Economic Development’s COVID-19 webpage.

How does this impact students on campus?

  • Students living in university residence halls and Greek houses can continue to do so, observing all federal, state and local guidelines regarding COVID-19. These include no gatherings of more than 10 individuals; following social distancing guidelines, including maintaining a 6-foot distance between others; regular hand washing with soap; and use of hand sanitizers when soap is unavailable.

  • All outdoor recreation spaces are closed.

  • To further reduce exposure to the 2019 novel coronavirus, Dining Services will shift to a daily meal pick-up for students with meal plans.

  • Computer and study spaces previously available in the Nebraska Union, Nebraska East Union and Adele Hall Learning Commons are closed until further notice.

  • Students who do not follow campus guidelines regarding the 2019 novel coronavirus may be subject to disciplinary action as outlined by the university’s student code of conduct.

How does this impact students off campus?

  • Students living and working off campus should not be impacted, and remote access instruction will continue without interruption.

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