Benson's wildlife research kicks off Faculty 101 podcast

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Benson’s wildlife research kicks off Faculty 101 podcast

Video: Faculty 101 teaser

University Communication is putting a new twist on how Nebraska Today delivers stories about our state’s flagship university and the students, faculty and staff who flourish here.

Starting today, we’re throwing our microphones into the ring and launching Faculty 101. The podcast series will deliver regular insights — some serious, others silly — into the work and lives of Husker faculty.

Hosted by Mary Jane Bruce, Faculty 101 will visit a variety of professors from across the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. The stories will explore what inspires faculty, what they research, why they pursue it, and the lessons they’ve learned in the classroom and field.

Listen: Faculty 101 with John Benson

Episodes will be featured here on Nebraska Today, but you can also subscribe via iTunes and Stitcher. Additional podcast delivery systems will be announced as they come online.

We’re kicking off the series with John Benson, an ecologist based in Nebraska’s School of Natural Resources. Some of Benson’s work with great white sharks launched Nebraska Shark Week coverage. The podcast will expand upon that slice of Benson’s research, examining what it’s like to crawl into a wolf den and come face-to-snout with a protective moose parent. He’ll also explain the value of wildlife research and offer some advice to students.

As always, we welcome your feedback. If you like the podcast, please subscribe and share it via your favorite social media channel. You can also offer us feedback and story ideas by sending email to or calling 402-472-8515.

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