Students graduating in August must apply by June 26

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Students graduating in August must apply by June 26

UNL completed spring 2015 graduation exercises with the baccalaureate commencement ceremony, held May 9 at Pinnacle Bank Arena. UNL set a single-semester record with 2,972 degrees awarded to spring graduates.
Greg Nathan | University Communications
UNL commencement exercises are held at Pinnacle Bank Arena, 400 Pinnacle Arena Dr. Commencement exercises held May 15 (pictured) awarded a record 2,972 degrees.

The deadline to apply for August graduation is June 26.

All students planning to graduate in August must complete an application for graduation, which is available via the student MyRED message center. For more information, click here.

There will be a single August commencement ceremony for all graduating students at 9 a.m. Aug. 15 at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Commencement ceremony information will be emailed to all degree applicants approximately one month before graduation.

Each student who has applied for graduation must submit an online commencement attendance form via MyRED, which will be available when the informational email is distributed.

Students submitting an electronic application for graduation via MyRed will be billed $25 per degree fee on their student account. Those students without MyRED access may apply for graduation in person at the Office of the University Registrar, 107 Canfield Administration Building or by mail.

Applications for graduation submitted in person or by mail must be accompanied by a check or money order in the amount of $25 payable to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Failure to submit a timely application for graduation may preclude the awarding of a degree in the intended term.

The application for graduation and required $25 fee are good only for the term marked on the application. The application and fee are non-transferrable to another term. If the application for graduation and fee are submitted for a specified term, but degree requirements are not completed in that term, reapplication for graduation in a future term will be required, along with another $25 fee.

Only the students who have applied for graduation, have had the application accepted and have fulfilled all degree requirements as of the last day of the academic term may participate in the commencement ceremony for that term.

Because UNL has a commencement for each term, ceremony participation is allowed only in the term during which the student has properly and timely applied for graduation and fulfilled degree requirements.

Students with questions regarding their academic requirements should visit with their adviser.

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