Proposals sought for COBRE internal competition

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Proposals sought for COBRE internal competition

Srikanth Kondabolu, graduate student, will defend his master's degree thsis, "A Case Study of Changing Cropping Diversity and Agricultural Risk in the Doulthabad Mandal of Telangana State in India" at 10 a.m., July 15 in 202 Hardin Hall.

The Office of Research and Economic Development is sponsoring an internal competition to identify the next team that will develop an institutional proposal for submission to the National Institutes of Health’s Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence program.

NIH allows only one application per institution per fiscal year. It is expected that UNL will have the opportunity to submit a new COBRE grant application during 2015. Faculty interested in developing a new COBRE proposal must submit an expression of interest by Aug. 18, as well as an internal pre-proposal by Sept. 15.

The COBRE program is designed to strengthen an institution’s biomedical research infrastructure by establishing an interdisciplinary, and sometimes multi-institutional, center and enhancing the ability of early-career investigators to secure independent external research funding. This program currently funds UNL’s Nebraska Center for Virology and Redox Biology Center.

COBRE applications must have a thematic scientific focus supported by basic, clinical, and/or translational research approaches, including community-based participatory research. Proposed centers also must be led by an established biomedical or behavioral investigator who has: 1) an active research laboratory; 2) a record of peer-reviewed funding related to the proposed center’s scientific theme; and 3) a history of administrative leadership and mentoring. Additional programmatic information is available.

By Oct. 1, the vice chancellor for research and economic development, with assistance from a team of external reviewers, will select the next center concept to be developed into a full COBRE proposal and submitted to NIH.

For more information regarding the internal competition, contact Nathan Meier, director of research strategy, at or 402-472-3902.

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