August 24, 2015

请看:注意网络欺诈 -- Franco issues warning of phishing scam

Juan N. Franco, UNL’s vice chancellor for student affairs, on Sept. 2 issued the following statement in English and Mandarin to 1,200 UNL students from China.




Juan N. Franco Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

It has come to my attention through our IT team that several students, particularly Chinese nationals, have received a message that appears to be from If you receive such a message and it asks you to reset your password and safety questions, do not respond. The message in question is disguised as being legitimately from, but it is not. One student reported that once she changed her password and security questions, a hacker had access to her family’s contact information as well. The hacker then posing as the student, requested money from the parents in China, and when they wired $35,000, it vanished and is untraceable. This week another student’s family lost over $7000 in this scam.

If you receive such a message, please do not respond. Please report any such message to my office and I will continue to work with Information Technology to alert students to possible scams.

Please also advise your parents that if they receive what looks like a message from you requesting a large amount of money, they should confirm with you through a different medium (preferably by phone) that the request did really come from you.

Thank you.

Juan N. Franco,

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs