Carson School hosts 'Movies & Beyond' symposium

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Carson School hosts ‘Movies & Beyond’ symposium

A symposium titled "Movies & Beyond:  Connecting Digital Creativity Across Disciplines" is Nov. 16-17.

The Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film will host a symposium titled “Movies & Beyond: Connecting Digital Creativity Across Disciplines” Nov. 16-17. UNL’s Office of Research is sponsoring the event.

New technologies, especially new media and digital art forms, are rapidly changing the way we interact with our world. These new platforms create opportunities never before imagined and are expanding the potential of film and emerging media to connect with the creativity of scientists, lawyers, journalists, engineers, entrepreneurs and designers in powerful new ways.

UNL has an exciting opportunity to envision a new future for the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film that will draw on the talents of faculty and students from many disciplines. The symposium retreat will bring together faculty to explore the creative intersections of film and emerging media with design, journalism, computational thinking, technology, science and other disciplines.

The retreat will begin Nov. 16 with a reception and dinner at the Lied Commons and continue at Nebraska Innovation Campus Nov. 17 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Guest speakers include Elizabeth Daley, dean of the school of cinematic arts at the University of Southern California, and Ira Greenberg, director of the center of creative computation at Southern Methodist University.

Breakout sessions will center around key interdisciplinary topic areas and discussion groups will define how developing connections across disciplines can create students who will innovate in many professional fields using film and emerging media.

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