Veterinary program helps Meyer pursue passion

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Veterinary program helps Meyer pursue passion

Photo of Sydney Meyer, a veterinary medicine major holding an I'm a Husker and sign on campus.
Sydney Meyer

Since preschool, Nebraska’s Sydney Meyer has loved science and animals.

She started helping at a pet clinic in her hometown of Aurora, Nebraska, in eighth grade. And, Meyer has ever since been working toward her dream career of helping animals.

Meyer was recently admitted to vet school a year early, a feat possible through the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s 3+2 program, which gives Huskers the opportunity to apply to vet school as juniors. Upon completion, participants receive both a bachelor’s degree and a professional degree in veterinary medicine.

“A lot of people don’t even know about the program — I didn’t know about it until (New Student Enrollment),” Meyer said. “I loved being able to cut a year from my schooling but also loved that if I didn’t get in, I still had a backup option to finish my fourth year at Nebraska.”

After learning about the 3+2 program, Meyer knew she would need a strong application supplemented with leadership and hands-on experience working with animals. She reached out to the Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center and earned a spot on the team.

Her two years of working at the center changed her life, providing a wealth of hands-on opportunities and exposing her to her new dream job — serving as a veterinary pathologist.

Meyer also sought out other involvements on campus, from becoming treasurer of the Veterinary Pathology Club to serving as an Honors Program peer mentor. And outside the school year, she was sure to continue expanding her skills through other jobs including one of her favorites — mammal and bird rehabilitation at a wildlife sanctuary in North Carolina.

“I knew I was at a disadvantage because I had to get more experience in less time,” Meyer said. “I made sure I was getting good grades and doing everything I could during my three years. And I advise students to do the same — reach out to others and try doing anything you’re interested in.”

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