Researcher launches storytelling initiative

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Researcher launches storytelling initiative

ViDEO: Quar and Tell, a storytelling initiative

Nebraska communication scholar Jody Koenig Kellas and her research team have launched a new storytelling initiative, Quar and Tell.

Kellas, professor of communication studies, researches how narratives and storytelling improve communication and physical and mental health. She said storytelling is a powerful tool for coping, and during a pandemic, it takes on even more importance.

“We are in a moment of difficulty,” she said. “This is stressful. This is different. This is, for many people, traumatic, and we know that storytelling can be beneficial in processing trauma.”

Quar and Tell was launched through Kellas’ lab, Narrative Nebraska. Kellas filmed an introductory video, and the research team is posting prompts on the Narrative Nebraska Facebook page.

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