Partnership revives on-campus delivery program

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Partnership revives on-campus delivery program

Love Library
Love Library

After being suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic, the University Libraries’ popular service of delivering print materials requested by faculty and staff to campus buildings returns Jan. 18. And, a new partnership with Mail and Distribution Services has significantly expanded the program — which now includes all campus buildings — and simultaneously reducing its costs.

“We are delighted to be able to expand delivery services to all campus buildings and eliminate the burdensome process that required faculty and administrators to negotiate with us to arrange drop-off locations,” said Claire Stewart, dean of the University Libraries.

When the libraries introduced the delivery program in 2014, participation was limited to buildings and departments that agreed to host a drop-off location where student workers or staff could deliver requested books. Due to the convenience and the popularity, the initial group of 10 locations grew to 18. In 2020 the service was suspended.

The partnership with Mail and Distribution Services expands the reach of this service to every possible researcher and staff person. Instead of limiting to just buildings with negotiated agreements, delivery will be made to any office that has a campus address. The only trade-off is the turnaround time. Campus mail is delivered to most buildings every other day. The Libraries Access Services will continue to provide next-day turnaround to all library locations (including the Schmid Law Library).

Faculty and staff will be able to request delivery directly from the library catalog and can choose to pick up materials at the library where the book is located, next-day delivery to any other library location, or second day delivery to most office locations via Mail and Distribution Services. The library locations participating include Love, Dinsdale, Engineering, Geology, Math, Music, and the Schmid Law Library. Turnaround time for all these options can vary with time of day submitted. Users are encouraged to request digitization of articles and chapters from the catalog for electronic delivery.

All borrowed items can be returned at any library location or through campus mail.

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