'Nebraska Nightly' launches with first live newscast

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‘Nebraska Nightly’ launches with first live newscast

Anchors Kloee Sander, left, and Hallie Gutzwiller prepare for the Nebraska Nightly show open. Faculty liaison Brian Petrotta provides a countdown.
Anchors Kloee Sander, left, and Hallie Gutzwiller prepare for the "Nebraska Nightly" show open. Faculty liaison Brian Petrotta provides a countdown.

“Nebraska Nightly,” a new live newscast from the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, aired its first episode Nov. 5.

“Nebraska Nightly” is one of the programs in the college’s new Experience Lab. Working with faculty liaisons and professionals-in-residence, Experience Lab students gain hands-on experience working in broadcasting, journalism, sports media, or advertising and public relations while still in college.

Eight students are participating in the inaugural semester of “Nebraska Nightly.” They have spent the past eight weeks learning how to produce a live newscast and preparing for their first show.

“These students are amazing,” said Brian Petrotta, assistant professor of sports media and communication and “Nebraska Nightly” faculty liaison. “They had no experience and no training. But in just two months, they put on their first newscast.”

The students have been working with local professionals who are volunteering their time as mentors. Geoff Roth, news director of KMTV; Serese Cole, morning anchor of KMTV; Mikel Lauber, news director of KOLN/KGIN; and Shaun Cummins, senior technical director of KLKN, helped students prepare for their roles.

The eight Experience Lab students were joined by two from the Department of Meteorology for the first show. The student newscast participants were:

  • Kloee Sander, anchor and student lead
  • Hallie Gutzwiller, anchor and student lead
  • Hannah-Kate Kinney, producer
  • Kellen Sturgis, director
  • Macy Byars, reporter
  • Kierstin Foote, reporter
  • Hannah Roebke, reporter
  • Molly Robinson, sports
  • Michael Amankwaa, meteorologist
  • Jessica Blum, meteorologist

The show airs every other Friday this fall at 3:30 p.m. on the Nebraska News Service’s YouTube Channel. It will air weekly during the spring semester.

“I’m incredibly proud of these students and what they have accomplished,” said Jill Martin, assistant professor of practice and Experience Lab co-director. “We had hiccups, but the students handled it with poise and professionalism. I can’t wait to see what they do next.”

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