'Love and Logic Way' parenting course opens March 9

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‘Love and Logic Way’ parenting course opens March 9

EAP Parenting

The Employee Assistance Program is offering a six-week parenting class based on the program “Love and Logic.” Classes will begin from noon to 1 p.m. March 9 at the 501 Building

“Parenting the Love and Logic Way” is a program that offers strategies to raise a responsible child that learns from the consequences of their own mistakes. Participants will learn about preparing children for the real world and avoiding power struggles by letting empathy and consequences do the teaching.

Participants will receive an overview of the six-week class schedule, and educational material will be given during each class period that reinforces the learning from videos and class discussion.

There is ‘A’ lot parking all around the 501 building. If a participant doesn’t have an ‘A’ lot parking sticker, the EAP will validate parking from the Stadium garage on the corner of Stadium Dr. and T Street.

Please register for the parenting class by calling the EAP at 472-3107.

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