Information Technology Services launching campuswide network upgrade

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Information Technology Services launching campuswide network upgrade

Justin Mohling | University Communication

Information Technology Services has initiated a project to upgrade and unify the wired and wireless networking equipment across all University of Nebraska campuses, including the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, into a single solution.

Almost all existing network equipment and services will be replaced by June 30. This includes swapping more than 2,300 switches and 10,000 wireless access points in more than 325 buildings.

Information Technology Services will replace aging networking equipment across the NU system. Benefits of this project include:

  • Increased building network speeds from 2 Gbps to 20 Gbps

  • Improved access in known low-performing wireless areas and dead spots

  • Simplified guest wireless on-boarding across the university for events and programs

  • $6.36 million in incentives from bulk purchasing versus independent campus purchases in addition to more than $15 million in contractual savings

  • Improved scalability and support efficiency by standardizing networks across the university

  • Improved network and device security

To accomplish this, every networked building across campus will have a scheduled outage of up to one day. During the outage, all network access within the building will be unavailable, including access to the internet and university technology services. This will not affect the ability to work from home or other campus locations;’ however, it will disable the ability to remotely connect into a building device.

The first migrations will begin with University Housing over the winter interim. Additional building migrations will be posted on the project website as they are confirmed. Information Technology Services will be working with impacted departments and building managers prior to scheduling specific buildings.

After the work is complete, most wireless devices and university-managed devices will connect to the network again just as they did before the change; there will be a process to add a new wireless device to the network. The process to onboard guests and IoT devices (e.g., printers or Apple TVs) will change and require those devices to be reconnected to the network.

Additional information can be found on the project website. Instructions for the on-boarding devices can be found at the networking support site. For questions, contact Information Technology Services.

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