Human Resources outlines employee procedures for winter shutdown

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Human Resources outlines employee procedures for winter shutdown

The Office of Graduate Studies, in collaboration with many other offices on campus, have developed guidelines and resources to help graduate students, faculty and staff during the pandemic.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will be closed from Thursday, Dec. 24 through Sunday, Jan. 3. Employees will return to work on Monday, Jan. 4.

This year, employees that have been with the university all year will use the four floating holidays plus one vacation day or banked holiday, if earned, in order to be paid during the shutdown. Vacation, when available, will be substituted for those who do not have the four floating holidays.

Employees should log into Firefly to submit their floating holidays and vacation time. Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 will be regular holidays. Dec. 24, 28, 29 and 30 will be floating holidays, and Dec. 31 can be entered as vacation or banked holiday.

If an essential non-exempt (hourly) employee works over the holiday shutdown, all floating holidays will be paid whether the week exceeds 40 hours or not. This is not the case with vacation leave. If working, vacation leave hours will be reduced hour for hour.

Essential non-exempt (hourly) employees required to work a holiday will be paid for the holiday plus the hours worked.

All leave eligible employees, please enter all of the floating holidays, vacation leave, comp. time, or banked holiday hours for the shutdown from Dec. 24 through Jan. 1 into the ESS/Firefly system by Dec. 18. Employees do not need to enter anything for the unpaid leave in the ESS/Firefly system.

Essential exempt (salaried) employees required (by their department manager) to work a holiday will be given alternate time off for the hours worked on the holiday (hour for hour). The employee and the supervisor should mutually agree upon the time taken. Department managers will document these decisions in advance and should share this information with the Business Office.

Monthly paid employees will have their direct deposit accounts credited on Dec. 31.

University employees should contact department/unit time coordinators for instructions on posting leave, correcting leave entries or if they have questions.

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