Great Plains lecture to focus on human trafficking

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Great Plains lecture to focus on human trafficking

Becky Buller
Becky Buller

Becky Buller, assistant professor of practice in geography at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, will give a talk titled “Human Trafficking in the Great Plains” at 3:30 p.m. March 14 at the Center for Great Plains Studies, 1155 Q St.

Many people – including victims, survivors, service providers and law officials – have recognized that human trafficking regularly takes place in the Great Plains, yet the general public is still largely unaware of the phenomenon. This talk, with special emphasis on Nebraska, will briefly introduce the basics of human trafficking, its impact on the region and practical ways that people can recognize and respond to it.

“As a discipline and method of study of human trafficking, geography has much to offer,” Buller said. “The phenomenon can be better understood through the geographic lenses of culture, demographics, development, economics, identity, migration, networks, politics, urban dimensions and power relationships. As research and knowledge grows, academics, policymakers, law enforcement and the general public will better understand the entire picture of human trafficking and will be better equipped to act.”

The talk, part of the Great Plains, Great Ideas Paul A. Olson lecture series, is free and open to the public. It will be streamed live here.

The lecture is pertinent to those interested in geography, sociology, political science, women’s and gender studies, ethnic studies, human rights and social justice.

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