Faculty 101 delves into student 'experiments' in Memorial Stadium press box

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Faculty 101 delves into student ‘experiments’ in Memorial Stadium press box

Preview video: Faculty 101

Welcome to Faculty 101, a podcast that offers a listen into the pursuits and perspectives of Husker faculty.

Hosted by Mary Jane Bruce, these stories explore how our faculty got here, what they’ve learned along the way, and why they do what they do at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Listen: Faculty 101 with John Shrader and Kasey Linde

In the season three finale, Faculty 101 casts Memorial Stadium as a “giant laboratory” in which students experiment with their classroom-gained skills while broadcasting Husker games from the press box or putting their burgeoning business acumen to use with the athletic department.

John Shrader, associate professor of broadcasting and sports media, reminisces about how calling a frigid, blustery Husker game from a tarp-covered press box as an undergrad cemented his passion for the profession.

Several of Shrader’s students tell Bruce about the work that goes into — and reward that comes from — producing the game-day content that fills the airwaves of KRNU radio and the Twitter feeds of Husker fans. She also chats with a student who’s pursuing his MBA while learning the challenges and triumphs of fundraising as an intern with the athletic department.

Bruce then sits down with Kasey Linde, assistant director of the Teaching and Learning Center in the College of Business, to discuss how the college’s partnership with the athletic department gives its students a preview of the complex issues facing administrators at the highest echelons of collegiate sports.

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