Epley to retire after 40 years with Huskers

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Epley to retire after 40 years with Huskers

Boyd Epley

Boyd Epley will retire from the University of Nebraska Athletic Department on June 30.

Epley oversaw the strength and conditioning staff and programs of all Husker athletic programs except football and was the primary strength and conditioning coach for baseball.

Initially hired by former Athletic Director Bob Devaney to start a strength and conditioning program in 1969, Epley worked for 35 years as the university's head strength coach before moving into an associate athletic director position. He retired from the university in 2006 and assumed a new position in October 2014.

Epley was director of coaching performance for the National Strength and Conditioning Association in Colorado Springs, the organization he founded in 1978. There he secured sponsorships for the NSCA and helped Division I strength coaches gain certification to meet an NCAA requirement that went into effect in 2015.

For his contributions to strength and conditioning, Epley was named a 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award winner by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

In 1969, Epley created the Husker Power Strength and Conditioning program, which assisted all Nebraska sports. During that period, the university won 28 national championships and 250 conference championships.

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