Drive aims to collect 3,000 items for Husker Pantry

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Drive aims to collect 3,000 items for Husker Pantry

Husker Pantry

More than 30% of Husker students will face food insecurity and hunger at some point in the coming year.

The Husker Pantry provides two on-campus locations to assist students with food, toiletries and personal hygiene items, school supplies and cleaning products. The pantry relies on donations to keep it’s shelves stocked and the weekly pick-up bags filled so students do not suffer from hunger. 100% of donations benefit UNL students.

As part of its annual fall food drive between Sept. 22 and Oct. 1, the pantry is asking the community to help donate 3,000 items.

According to the pantry's program coordinator Megan Patel, approximately 6,000 items on average are distributed every month to students and this one event is tremendous in keeping the shelves stocked for Huskers.

"Last year, everyone was extra generous during this drive, donating more than 4,000 items against a target goal of 2,500," Patel said. "We hope the same generosity will be extended again for 2021."

There are two ways to get donated items to the pantry:

  • Purchase online via the pantry’s Amazon Marketplace wishlist. Items are shipped and delivered directly to the pantry location inside the University Health Center.
  • Drop off locally-purchased items at one of 20 collection bins located on City and East Campuses. Find a location here.
    For additional details about the food drive and its operations, email

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