Converge Nebraska is back, registration to open soon

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Converge Nebraska is back, registration to open soon

Are you a Husker interested in politics? Do you feel that the current political climate is hostile and does not allow those who disagree to have thoughtful conversation? If so, Converge Nebraska is the program for you.

Approaching those disagreements with respect, empathy and understanding makes all the difference, which is why students at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln created Converge Nebraska, a program that brings together Huskers of different political ideologies for conversations about their beliefs.

Converge Nebraska was started in August 2018 by the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska. Jared Long, internal vice president of ASUN, said the program reflects a growing need for civil discourse in today’s political climate.

Registration is open from Sept. 10-24. Pairings will be made the following week and students can sit down and have conversations about their political beliefs.

Follow this link and take a short political ideology quiz to register.

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