November 16, 2022

Winter-related closures announced via UNL Alert 

UNL Alert

As the seasons change and the chance of winter weather storms increase, Nebraska students, faculty and staff are reminded that UNL Alert — the same system that announces campus emergencies — will issue emails and text messages conveying weather-related closings.    The university provides up-to-the-minute details to a variety of devices. Text messages are only sent to those who have added their cellphone to the messaging options. Learn more about the university’s alert system. 

Decisions to close the campus for inclement weather are based on a number of safety factors, including current and near future weather predictions, road conditions within the city of Lincoln and the area, access to the city via highways and roads, the condition of campus parking lots and sidewalks and guidance from local and emergency management agencies.    Weather-related closures are announced in several ways: 

  • They will be posted to the university’s main webpage, as well as to the university’s social-media channels such as Twitter @UNLincoln, @NebToday, @UNLPD, @NebPrepare and Facebook. Messages appear on digital signage across campus, as well as any computer on the university network with the Alertus App installed.

  • Radio and TV stations will be notified of closures by 5 a.m. for day classes and 2 p.m. for night classes 

  • Site-specific off-campus closings will be made by the responsible administrator and communicated locally  

  • Athletic and performing arts events may or may not be affected. In the event of a closure, ticketholders to athletic events or on-campus performances should call ahead to see if those events will continue to take place as scheduled 

 The requirement for performing working during campus closure varies by position:

  • Essential Employees: Certain positions, such as police and snow-removal personnel, have been identified as essential during weather closings and are expected to report to their assigned worksite. Those employees are made aware of the designation when hired. Essential employees will receive inclement weather pay for regular hours scheduled in addition to hours worked or they may save their inclement weather leave for a later date.

  • Non-Essential with Alternative Worksite Capabilities: Employees who are scheduled to work and have the capability to complete their work from home or at an alternative worksite location are expected to do so as determined by their supervisor. These employees are not eligible for inclement weather leave in addition to hours worked. If these employees are unavailable for work, they will use vacation or unpaid leave.

  • Non-Essential Other: Employees with job responsibilities that cannot be performed at an alternative worksite and are not reassigned work to perform at an alternative worksite by their supervisor will be paid for the inclement weather pay based on their regular pay if they are in a leave eligible position.

Nebraska’s policy on inclement weather pay/leave and payroll procedures is available online

Per changes made to the inclement weather policy in 2021, the university has three primary campus closing options that will be reported. Those options are:

  • Option One — All classes and campus events are canceled. Campus offices are closed. Essential employees report to work, while non-essential employees work remotely or do not work (based on unit/supervisor approvals).

  • Option Two — In-person classes and campus events are canceled. Classes follow instructional continuity plans. Campus offices are closed. Essential employees report to work, while non-essential employees work remotely or do not work (based on unit/supervisor approvals).

  • Option Three — Classes and campus operations will be conducted as usual.

For more information on the three closure options, visit the Business and Finance Inclement Weather webpage.