February 26, 2024

UNLPD gathering feedback for accreditation

The University Police Department and ASUN are teaming up to encourage the entire campus community to raise their voices in support of sexual assault prevention. The events are Sept. 10, 12 and 13.
Craig Chandler | University Communication

Craig Chandler | University Communication

An online portal is available to the campus community to give feedback to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Police Department.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to visit the online portal to provide feedback regarding UNLPD’s engagement with campus, delivery of public safety services and overall candidacy for continued accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

The department was first accredited by CALEA in 2015. It voluntarily participates with the commission as part of a regular checks and balances system. The process, coupled with gathering and providing crime statistics, helps the department follow best practices in law enforcement and maintain the highest level of service to the campus community.

Service members from CALEA asses how the department complies with commission standards on an annual basis via an off-site review of the department’s accreditation files. Details about standards being assessed are available on the CALEA website (listed under LE1 or Tier 1).

Gathering feedback through the online portal is just one part of the CALEA accreditation process. In addition to the annual file reviews, an on-site campus assessment and full CALEA Commission review and public forums will occur in 2026.

The information received from the portal will be used to assess the department in both the annual and four-year on-site reviews.

For more information about UNLPD’s accreditation, standards, and process, contact Michael Maas at mmaas2@unl.edu or 402-472-8430.