January 15, 2021

Recovery community hosting weekly meetings to support sobriety

Nebraska Union
File photo | University Communication

File photo | University Communication

Nebraska’s Collegiate Recovery Community is hosting weekly recovery meetings at 8 p.m. Monday nights via Zoom.

The community offers a caring, supportive environment that fosters individual well-being, academic success and character growth to transform students in recovery into leaders in the community. Research shows that students in recovery who participate in collegiate recovery programs attain higher GPAs, higher persistence rates and higher graduation rates.

Students in Nebraska’s Collegiate Recovery Community will gain:

  • Social support and fellowship with other students who are in recovery
  • Access to a weekly meeting that is open to all recovery programs and provides a supportive, alcohol- and drug-free environment to talk with peers
  • Opportunities for leadership in the development of Nebraska’s Collegiate Recovery Community
  • Special housing opportunities with other students in recovery at Husker Hall, beginning in fall 2021
  • Referrals to specialized services such as individual counseling, well-being coaching, tutoring and financial aid

In a time of New Year’s resolutions, the Collegiate Recovery Community aims to help participating students understand that the future is full of possibilities for 2021 and beyond. The community focuses on showing that life in sobriety is about much more than abstinence from substance use, framing a healthy and sober lifestyle as a superpower on a lifelong journey of self-improvement.

Students in recovery have healthy brains and bodies that help them think clearly about the future, wake up alert and refreshed, and build meaningful relationships with others. Recovery allows them to better prepare for their careers. It allows them to make wiser financial decisions. It enables them to let go of anxiety and depression.

To learn more, visit Nebraska’s Collegiate Recovery Community website or Instagram page.