June 14, 2019

Nebraska College Preparatory Academy visits Chicago

Photo Credit: Marlenia Thornton
Marlenia Thornton

Marlenia Thornton

Earlier this month, 80 Nebraska College Preparatory Academy scholars traveled to Chicago for their annual end-of-year trip.

The trip was the academy’s ninth time traveling with students. The tradition started in 2011 when scholars and staff visited Kansas City, and the yearly trip continues to provide unique experiences for students involved.

“Many high schools provide trips for their students, but they are not always affordable for students and their families,” said Moises Padilla, NCPA director. “The end of the year trip is a reward for students who have put in the hard work to meet the NCPA’s rigorous standards. It also provides each scholar an opportunity to connect with Nebraska alumni who could serve as role models, mentors and future employers – and gives them exposure to the culture and attractions of a major American city.”

“The trip helps make students aware of opportunities they didn’t realize they had, one of NCPA’s goals,” Padilla added.

Prepatory Academy

NCPA is a college access program that helps promising first generation and low-income high schoolers prepare for college. The program is currently offered at four Nebraska high schools: Omaha North, Omaha South, Grand Island and Winnebago. Scholars were chaperoned by NCPA staff and current Nebraska students who serve as college mentors.

Along with visiting business and cultural sites, students met with alumni in the Chicago area to hear about their experiences firsthand.

“It was wonderful for me to watch the students interact with the alumni, because they want to be successful. They have these dreams and aspirations, but to see people accomplish many of the goals they possibly have is inspiring to them,” Padilla said.