February 16, 2015

209 faculty, staff honored for contributions to students

Terry Thomas (right), a volunteer with the University Health Center, receives a contribution to students awards during the 2015 ceremony in the Nebraska Union. The 2016 ceremony is 3 to 5 p.m. Jan. 29 in the Nebraska Union.
Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

The UNL Teaching Council and UNL Parents Association honored faculty and staff at an annual recognition ceremony on Jan. 30, 2015.

Certificates of recognition for contributions to students were given during the ceremony. The awards provide positive feedback to campus faculty and staff about the work they do with students. The honors also encourage the goal of good student and faculty relationships and provide recognition in an area often overlooked in the formal rewards system.

The Parents Association solicits nominations through an annual mailing, asking parents to nominate a faculty or staff employee who has made a significant difference in their student’s life. Nominations include a short explanation of why this person was nominated.

All who were nominated by at least one parent or student and who are still with the university received a certificate.

The 2014-2015 recipients are listed below. Numbers in parentheses indicate the years a recipient has received the award. If no number is listed, the award is a first-time honor.

For more information, contact Student Affairs at 402-472-3755.

Academic Affairs

Admissions — Elizabeth Adams; Jean Colligan (4); Blake Thelen

Career Services — Christine Timm

Criminology and Criminal Justice — Diane Dannelly; Karen Fulton (6)

Dental College— Merlyn Vogt (2)

Gerontology — Julie Masters (5)

Honors Program — Laura Damuth (5); Ann Koopmann (12)

Online and Distance Education — Sushma Jolly

Scholarships and Financial Aid— Anna Plank (8)

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Agricultural Economics — Ronald Hanson (23); Rosalee Swartz (17)

Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication — Mark Balschweid; Lindsay Hastings (2); Gina Matkin (3)

Agronomy and Horticulture — Stacy Adams (2); Roch Gaussoin; David Lambe (6); Zac Reicher (2); Anne Streich; Kim A. Todd (9);

Animal Science — Lena Cottle; Lisa Karr-Lilienthal (4); Merlyn Nielsen (9)

Biochemistry — Britta Osborne (4)

Biological Systems Engineering — Roger Hoy (3); Deepak Keshwani (3); Jennifer Melander; Francisco Munoz Arriola

Dean’s Office — Benjamin Heinisch; Sue Ellen Pegg (4); Nicole Smith (2)

Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program — Thomas Field (2)

Entomology — Tiffany Heng-Moss (9); Stephen Spomer

Forensic Science — Larry Barksdale (2)

Natural Resources — Amanda Bergeron-Bauer; Sara Cooper (4); Leon G. Higley (5); Mark Pegg; Larkin Powell (4); David Wedin (4)

PGA Golf Management — Alan Baquet (3)

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences — Michael Carlson (3); Lila Tooker (3)

College of Architecture

Architecture — Micah Davis; Peter Olshavsky

Interior Design — Betsy Gabb (10); Stacy Spale

College of Arts and Sciences

Anthropology — Matthew Douglass; Dan Osborne (2)

Biological Sciences — Peter Angeletti; Gwen Bachman (10); John DeLong; John R. Faaborg (2); Scott Gardner (11); William V. Glider (5); Wayne Riekhof (2); Daizaburo Shizuka; David A. Woodman (7)

Chemistry — Seth Blackwell; Eric Dodds (3); Jason Kautz (7); Christopher McCune (2)

Classics and Religious Studies — Courtney Bruntz (2); Anne Duncan; Stephen Lahey (7); Michael Lippman

Communication Studies — Aaron Duncan (2)

Computer Science and Engineering — Chris Bourke (2); Mohammad Hasan; Venkat Sai Suman Lamba Karanam; Charles Riedesel (7)

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences — Mark Anderson (2); Leilani Arthurs; Deborah Bathke

English — Joseph Goecke (4); Kathleen Lacey; Kelly Payne; Megan Peabody (2); Beverley Rilett (2); Julia Schleck; Benjamin Vogt (3); Stacey Waite

History — James Coltrain (2); Christine Dempsey; Vanessa Gorman (6); Ann Tschetter (3);

Mathematics — Derek Boeckner (3); Christine Kelley; John Myers; William Rogge (6); Chris True (2); Cory Wright

Modern Languages and Literatures — Françoise Agena (3); Radha Balasubramanian (5); Marie Blair (15); Elise Genaidy; Alexis Jimenez (3); Catherine Johnson (3); Hideko Nishihara; Jordan Stump (4)

Philosophy — Reina Hayaki; Ben Henke; Harry Ide (5); Cheng Chang Tu

Physics and Astronomy — Herman Batelaan (5)

Political Science — Michael Combs (8); Rula Jabbour

Psychology — Eve Brank; Michael Dodd (2); Amy Smith; Manda Williamson (3); Cynthia Willis-Esqueda (4)

Women’s and Gender Studies — Jaclyn Cruikshank Vogt (2)

College of Business Administration

School of Accountancy — Scott Seavey

CBA Honors Academy — Erin Burnette

Economics — Jennifer Davidson; Laurie Miller (2); James Schmidt (3); William Walstad (3)

Finance — Gerry Finnegan (3); Sue Vagts (2)

Management — Marijane Hancock; Samuel Nelson (5); Jerry Sellentin (3); Varkey Titus, Jr. (2)

Marketing — James Gentry (2); Rob Simon

College of Education and Human Sciences

Child, Youth and Family Studies — Soo-Young Hong

Educational Psychology — Sara Swenson

Nutrition and Health Sciences — Fayrene Hamouz (7); Shannon Rowen (2)

Recruiting — Karen Kassebaum (6)

Special Education and Communication Disorders — Thomas Carrell; Cynthia Cress (6); Beth Dinneen; Susan Lien

Student Services Center — Eric Einspahr; Vicki Fisher (9); AnnMarie Gottner; Beverly Jensen (5); Val Wiemeyer (2)

Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education — William England; Tricia Gray; Jennifer Stacy (2); Guy Trainin

College of Engineering

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering — Christopher Cornelius; Anuradha Subramanian (2)

Civil Engineering — David Admiraal (2)

Construction Management — Wayne Jensen (2)

Electrical Engineering — Khalid Sayood (2)

Fine and Performing Arts

Art and Art History — Margaret Bohls; Santiago Cal (2); Sandra Williams (9)

Music — Scott L. Anderson (11); Carolyn Barber (2); Karen Becker (6); Alisa Belflower (10); Doug Bush (4); Kate Butler (3); Nels Daily; Peter A. Eklund (9); Anthony Falcone (9); Paul Haar (8); Stanley Kleppinger; Tom Larson (2); Jacqueline Mattingly; William W. McMullen (7); Brian R. Moore (3); Clark E. Potter (9); Jamie Reimer (2)

Theatre and Film — Brad Buffum (5); Harris Smith (2)

College of Journalism and Mass Communications

Advertising and Public Relations — Ryan Downing; Michael Goff (15); Phyllis Larsen (9); Amy Struthers (7); Bryan Wang

Advising — Jill Arth (2)

Broadcasting — Richard Alloway (22);

Journalism — Timothy Anderson (3); Mary Kay Quinlan (4)

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture — Catherine Hauptman; Glenn Jackson; Kevin Martin; Doug Smith (2)

Additional Units

Athletic Department — Chuck Chmelka (4); Kayla Conrad; Kirk Hartman (2); Denise Howell (6); Katie Jewell (12); Dennis Leblanc (14); Keith Zimmer (10)

Campus Recreation — Vicki Highstreet

Center for Civic Engagement — Kris Baack (16); Linda Moody (4)

Dean of Students — Matt Hecker (4)

Military Science-Army ROTC — Brandon Lake

Student Affairs Office — Tonda Humphress (5); Linda Major

TRIO Programs — Colette Polite

University Health Center — Terry Thomas

University Housing — Carrie Casper; Flora Espinosa; Melissa Peters (4); Will Sheppard

For more information, contact Tonda Humphress at thumphress1@unl.edu.