UHC upgrades radiography equipment

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UHC upgrades radiography equipment

An upgrade to radiography equipment at the University Health Center is providing improved service to students.

New radiography equipment is benefiting University Health Center patients through lower doses of radiation and improved image quality.

The new equipment, an ImagePilot Aero DR made by Konica Minolta Medical Imaging, is both wireless and digital.

“The most important reason for implementing the ImagePilot Aero is that lower doses of radiation are needed as compared to our previous digital radiography system,” said Christine Rindone, electronic health record manager and chief radiologic technologist for the UHC. ” Reducing radiation is very important considering our primary patient demographic is young adults — our students.”

Valerie Otto, a radiologic technologist at the UHC, said the machine also offers other important benefits.

“The quality and detail of the images are excellent, and that enables us to provide better patient care,” Otto said. “Additionally, having wireless capability means we no longer have to move the patient as much compared to our previous system, so it is a more comfortable exam for the patient.”

The ImagePilot Aero has streamlined workflow and enabled faster exam times for the Health Center.

“The speed of the system is most impressive and the images are available nearly instantly,” said Otto.

The ImagePilot Aero interfaces directly with existing digital record systems used by the UHC.

The University Health Center is a full-service clinic that provides care to approximately 300 patients each day. For more information on the UHC, click here.

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