'Self-report' option added to 2015 application process

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‘Self-report’ option added to 2015 application process

UNL’s Office of Admissions has improved its admission process by adding a self-reported academic record portion to the 2015 admission application.

The application will now allow incoming domestic freshmen to self-report their high school transcripts. UNL will not require an official transcript at the point of admission. The university will only use official transcripts after a student completes high school or if questions about their record arise.

The new system benefits students by expediting the admissions process. In most cases, UNL will now be able to notify applicants regarding their admission decision within 48 business hours. The application is also now savable, allowing students to pause and return to their application session before officially submitting it.

“Our prospective students have been asking if we could notify them of their admission status more quickly,” said Amber Williams, director of admissions. “With this new technology, we will have more complete information regarding a student’s grades, completed curriculum, and test scores much faster than in the past, allowing us to reduce the amount of time it takes to issue a decision.”

“And as an added benefit, the self-reporting system will also give UNL access to detailed and timely data that was previously unavailable,” Williams said.

Through the self-reporting system, UNL will collect additional aggregate information about incoming classes to better support enrollment management plans such as course offerings, freshman preparation and high school rigor, and other student success efforts.

“We are excited to see how this additional layer of data can help us serve students better in the future,” said Williams.

At this time, the self-reporting process only applies to domestic freshmen applicants. To complete their file and be considered for admission, applicants must submit their official ACT/SAT score, a $45 application fee, a completed application and their self-reported transcript.

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