February 12, 2016

Safety and health organizations to join NIC

Nebraska Innovation Campus has announced a new partner. Dan Duncan, executive director of NIC, said Great Plains Safety and Health Organization and the Nebraska Safety Center will move into space on campus early this year.

The Great Plains Safety and Health Organization promotes safety, health and environmental responsibility by providing affordable professional education, support and advice. The group helps members and nonmembers to comply with or exceed OSHA, community and internal company safety and health requirements.

The Nebraska Safety Center provides instruction in safety education, service through seminars and workshops, coordination of statewide programs and research in safety education. Established by the Nebraska Legislature in 1978, the center’s mission is to conserve human and economic resources through safety education and accident prevention.

Work done by the Nebraska Safety Center includes involvement from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and the University of Nebraska Omaha.

“We are excited to welcome both entities to NIC and thrilled with the connections to UNO and UNK, further demonstrating NIC’s value to the entire state,” Duncan said.

Locating at NIC will provide the organizations access to the NIC Conference Center, an important space for trainings offered by both groups.

“This location is a great opportunity for us to collaborate with the university and the private sector within Nebraska Innovation Campus,” said Mick Anderson, Great Plains Safety and Health Organization executive director. “The office space will allow us to fulfill our mission by providing resources in transportation, occupational, recreational and domestic safety to everyone throughout the entire state.”

Student involvement is important to both organizations; they will continue to offer internships in marketing and safety engineering.

NIC is a research campus designed to facilitate new and in-depth partnerships between the university and the private sector. At full build-out, NIC will be a 2.2-million square-foot campus with uniquely designed buildings and amenities that inspire creative activity and engagement, transforming ideas into global innovation. For more information, click here.

Tetrad Property Group is the private sector development partner for NIC. Tetrad provides a full range of development services for the campus, including master planning, construction management, leasing and property management. For more information, click here.