Project to temporarily shift financial services in Canfield

Project to temporarily shift financial services in Canfield

Office renovations will temporarily shift some financial services offered in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's Canfield Administration Building.

The project, which starts with a move on Feb. 26 and will take approximately four to six weeks, will involve rooms 401 and 403 on the south side of Canfield Administration Building. Business and Finance services that will be affected include payroll, accounts payable, travel, accounting and budget.

Along with moving to temporary office space, other changes associated with the project include:

  • Mail for accounting, payroll and budget may be left in Canfield, Room 404;

  • Accounts payable checks will be available in room 406;

  • To obtain 2015 W-2 forms, see Jennifer House in human resources, room 407;

  • All staff will have individual phone lines transferred to temporary locations. The direct phone line for accounts payable is 402-472-2881, while payroll is 402-472-2010.

As the offices will be moving Feb. 26, employees may not be able to return email or phone calls until Feb. 29. Staff will be available until 5 p.m. Feb. 26 to finalize bi-weekly payroll.

For more information on the temporary relocation, call 402-472-2881.