Picnic officially a zero-waste event

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Picnic officially a zero-waste event

A volunteer helps a UNL employee identify which bin to use for waste items from the All-Universitiy Picnic.

UNL’s ongoing efforts to expand campus sustainability succeeded in making the All-University Picnic a zero-waste event.

A zero-waste event, in accordance with definitions provided by the Zero Waste International Alliance, requires keeping at least 90 percent of event waste from reaching the landfill. The picnic, which followed Chancellor Harvey Perlman’s Sept. 17 State of the University address, diverted 90.25 percent of waste from the landfill.

In the final totals, the picnic generated 12 pounds of refuse, 26 pounds of recycling and 85 pounds of compostable materials.

Volunteers staffed zero-waste stations at the picnic, helping faculty, staff and students sort items into bins for reuse or waste.

“We’d like to thank all our volunteers who monitored the zero-waste stations and our university community for participating in this effort,” said Eileen Bergt, assistant director of Landscape Services.

The zero-waste event was coordinated by the Chancellor’s Office, Landscape Services and Dining Services.

The UNL recycling office is available to help with future zero-waste events on campus. For more information, send email to recycling@unl.edu.

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