April 21, 2016

Perlman: Chancellor transition will occur May 8

Chancellor Harvey Perlman

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman shared the following message with campus on April 21.

Dear Colleagues:

As you probably know, I could not be happier with President Bounds’ decision to appoint Ronnie Green as my successor. He has the talent and skills to continue the upward trajectory of the university. We should all understand that he will set his own course and I’m sure set his own priorities and methods of operation. What we do share is a passion for this university and its role in the state of Nebraska. I hope you will join me in giving him your full support.

I have always thought long transitions were both awkward and not in the interest of the institution. I have tried recently not to make long-term commitments, leaving those for the next chancellor, but that has the effect of slowing initiatives and creating uncertainties. Now that Ronnie has been chosen, he and I have discussed with President Bounds the options of him fully assuming the role of chancellor as soon as possible. For technical reasons, my formal resignation will continue to be effective June 30. Nonetheless, we have all agreed that beginning on May 8, the Sunday following commencement, Ronnie will exercise full authority as chancellor. This will allow him to immediately and vigorously pursue interim and permanent appointments for the administrative positions that are open, to make long term commitments, and will give him a full summer to organize his administration and establish its priorities.

Again, I can’t repeat often enough how honored I feel that you have put up with me for so long and more importantly, how proud I am of your accomplishments. I look forward to discovering whether I still have what it takes to do the hard work of teaching and research. And, rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, I have no intention of running for the Faculty Senate. See you around.

Harvey Perlman, Chancellor

Chancellor-Elect Ronnie Green