June 30, 2016

New parking permits required July 1

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo
New faculty and staff parking permits for the 2016-17 year must be displayed on July 1.

Faculty and staff annual parking permits for the upcoming year must be displayed on July 1.

New permits can be purchased in person at the Parking and Transit Services office, located at 625 Stadium Drive, Suite A. Permit prices are the same as last year.

To make the process easier, Permit Application Forms can be completed in advance.

Permits can also be purchased online. With the holiday and mail delivery schedules, it is recommended to pick up permits at the Parking and Transit Services office to meet the display requirement.

Payment can be made with credit card, cash, check, employee payroll deduction or student consolidated billing. A payment option has been added specifically for graduate students, monthly consolidated billing.

Garage permit display:

With the purchase of a new garage-parking permit, leave the new permit outside the vehicle until July 1 and remove the expired hang-tag after July 1. The presence of an expired tag will cause multiple scans of the RFID signals in both new and old, and could create problems entering or leaving the garage. To avoid such problems, don’t keep both new and expired hang-tags in your vehicle.

Bus passes:

UNL/StarTran bus passes also may be purchased. Bus passes for faculty and staff who purchase parking permits are available, on request, at no additional cost. Bus passes may also be purchased separately for $144 annually or $108 for nine months. Free bus passes will be distributed to students in August.

For more information on parking selections, click here.