New Mueller Planetarium show examines history of aviation

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New Mueller Planetarium show examines history of aviation

"Dreams to Fly" trailer
"Dreams to Fly" trailer

The summer schedule at Mueller Planetarium features “Dreams to Fly,” a poetic and touching story of aviation development through the ages. The new schedule, which also includes returning favorites “Firefall” and “Into the Deep,” opens June 3.

“Dream to Fly” presents the significant milestones — including both technological breakthroughs and perceptions of flying — on the path to the development of flight. “Dream to Fly” will show at 3 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday.

“Firefall” is an introduction to asteroids, comets and meteors, and how they have affected Earth and the solar system. The show includes a live discussion about the current night sky. “Firefall” (run time of 45 minutes) shows at 2 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

“Into the Deep” explores the history of deep-sea exploration, from bathyscaphes (deep-sea submersibles) to submarines. The 35-minute show includes encounters with some of the strange creatures that live far below the surface of the seas. “Into the Deep” shows at 7 p.m. Thursdays.

The schedule is subject to change and a new schedule will begin July 1. For more information, go to or phone 402-472-2641.

Mueller Planetarium is part of the University of Nebraska State Museum of Natural History. Both are located in UNL’s Morrill Hall.

Mueller Planetarium schedule (June 1-30)

  • Tuesday through Sunday, 2 p.m., “Firefall” (45 minutes)

  • Tuesday through Sunday, 3 p.m., “Dream to Fly” (35 minutes)

  • Thursday, 7 p.m., “Into the Deep” (35 minutes)

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