New guest wireless access available

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New guest wireless access available

An access code is sent instantly via a text and email to their mobile device to grant individuals access to the network

Visitors to UNL can connect more easily to the internet via a new wireless network that went live on Dec. 23.

Campus visitors can select the “UNL-Guest” network SSID and input name, email and mobile phone numbers. An access code is sent instantly via text and email to the mobile device to grant individuals access to the network. Each access credential expires overnight. Visitors may re-register each additional day of their stay.

“It is a simpler, automated process for guests to access the new network,” said Jay Wilmes, Information Technology Services network support associate. “They can access the internet with their device, check email and get work done. We’re supplying anyone who walks on to campus an easy-to-use service, at the same time, it reduces the possibility of performance and security issues for our students and faculty.”

UNL-Guest allows outbound access to public internet sites, while limiting access to UNL domains.

The guest network is a first step in plans to re-engineer a more robust wireless architecture, while having discontinued wireless usage fees for faculty and staff two years ago. These changes come after UNL studied tiered network environments at several other Big Ten institutions.

Additional wireless IDs include:

• UNL-wireless-registration This network is a captive portal for registering your wireless device for access to the UNL-AIR, and UNL-AIR-E networks. This network provides no internet access and was designed to allow easy access to the wireless registration page . It is only to be used to register your wireless network devices.

• UNL-CONFERENCE is a network for UNL-sponsored conference events–fewer restrictions than the guest network and offer greater access to UNL sites.

• UNL-AIR is the original campus wireless network. This network is unsecured and should only be used if your device is unable to use the “UNL-AIR-E” network.

• UNL-AIR-E is a secure encrypted wireless environment for students, faculty and staff that encodes the wireless signal, safeguarding against unauthorized third party monitoring or intervention.

• eduroam is the “education roaming” network. This is to be used by visiting scholars and staff of participating institutions to access internet resources when they are traveling or doing remote work. The UNL community should not use this while at UNL but are encouraged to use the network when traveling to any of the 5,000 plus participating locations.

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