New Books: Janovy, Leiter publish book updates

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New Books: Janovy, Leiter publish book updates

John Janovy Jr.

New books recently published by members of UNL’s campus community include “Outwitting College Professors: An Insider’s Guide to Secrets of the System (Fifth Edition)” by John Janovy Jr., and “National Survey of State Laws (Seventh Edition)” by Richard Leiter.

Outwitting College Professors: An Insider’s Guide to Secrets of the System, by John Janovy Jr., emeritus professor of biological sciences, (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, fifth edition, 174 pages, September 2015) — Originally published in 2008, the book features insights on college success that Janovy observed during a 46-year career in which he taught nearly 20,000 students, many of them in introductory science courses. Described as ideal for college-bound high school seniors, “Outwitting College Professors” helps students navigate the world of higher education with information about how to stand out in the classroom, how to get better grades and even how to act when you run into your professor at a bar.

National Survey of State Laws, by Richard Leiter, professor of law, (Hein Online, seventh edition, 717 pages, January 2016) — Leiter’s award-winning publication, updated to include a new database version, provides an overall view of some of the most sought-after and controversial legal topics in the United States. The book and database are presented in chart form, and both versions allow users to make state-by-state comparisons of current state laws. The database version allows users to search the content and metadata, or browse laws by category or topic. The database also offers the chance to view laws as they appear in the current edition compared to the previous two versions of the book.

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