May 18, 2016

Nano-engineering facility open house is May 24

UNL's Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Research Center
Craig Chandler | University Communications

Craig Chandler | University Communications
UNL's Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Research Center is located on the north side of Jorgensen Hall.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will host an open house for its Nano-Engineering Research Core Facility from 2 to 5 p.m. May 24.

Located in UNL’s Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Research Center, the research space is designed to be a shared-user facility that offers state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation. The facility offers in-house design and manufacturing of nanoscale devices, and the ability to study the characteristics of nanoscopic materials.

“This facility was developed to provide area researchers and industry with multi-scale equipment that, otherwise, would not be available or would have to be purchased at extreme costs,” said Joseph Turner, Robert W. Brightfelt Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. “It is the intent of this facility to become a regional hub for nano-engineering of materials and devices.”

Equipment in the research space includes an advanced multi-material 3D printing system that can produce precise, smooth and highly-detailed models for prototyping needs; a spark plasma sintering device, which uses high amperage, direct current pulses to activate the consolidation of materials; and a 3D bio atomic force microscope that can take measurements of living cells, soft and hard tissues, and synthetic materials proposed for use within the human body.

Equipment and operations within the lab space are supported by the Nebraska Research Initiative and the UNL Office of Research and Economic Development. Appointments to use any of the equipment in the lab can be scheduled online.

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