More than 1,400 to attend diversity symposia

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More than 1,400 to attend diversity symposia

Editor’s Note — This story has been updated as of 8:10 a.m., Nov. 11. The date of the Latino Leadership Symposium is Nov. 18, not Nov. 12 as reported in an earlier version of the story.

More than 1,400 high school students from Nebraska will attend UNL’s Black Leadership Symposium and Latino Leadership Symposium.

Each symposium features sessions designed to help students address community issues, discuss the challenges facing African American and Latino cultures, and learn how to succeed in college. All sessions are hosted by UNL faculty, students and Lincoln-area community leaders.

For the Nov. 11 Black Leadership Symposium, Tony A. Gaskins Jr., will be the keynote speaker. Gaskins is one of the most sought-after life coaches in America and has appeared on Oprah and Tyra Banks.

The Latino Leadership Symposium on Nov. 18 will welcome April Hernandez Castillo as the keynote speaker. Castillo is an actress who appeared in the movie “Freedom Writers” and on television shows like “Law & Order” and “Dexter.”

The Diversity Leadership Symposia are designed to help students from diverse backgrounds enhance leadership skills, create a plan of action to address issues facing their communities, and develop strategies for success.

These students will be hosted on campus, so there will be many new faces in the residence halls, unions and dining centers over the next few days. UNL students are asked to please be patient as visitors explore campus and learn more about what it means to be a student at UNL. Campus Dining Services has posted notifications in dining centers hosting students. To avoid lines, UNL students are asked to please check the posted information and schedule lunch at a slightly different time. Although it’s a small inconvenience, UNL students’ willingness to help provide the best possible experience for these students, who are an important part of the future of the university, the state and the nation, is appreciated.

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