MAP Academy hosts Emerging Scholars Series

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MAP Academy hosts Emerging Scholars Series

The April 9-10 Emerging Scholar Series features methodologist Bethany Bray, who will give a keynote presentation, present a statistics workshop and meet with graduate students and postdocs to discuss early-career opportunities.
Bethany Bray

The Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics is hosting the inaugural Emerging Scholars Series event April 9-10.

The MAP Academy will host methodologist Bethany Bray for the two-day series and she will lead a keynote presentation, a two-session statistics workshop and a meeting for graduate students to discuss early-career topics.

The series is free and open to the public. Because of limited space, registration is required for the statistics workshop. The event is designed to benefit researchers from all disciplines, as well as graduate students and postdocs.

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