Husker football seat requests go 3-D

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Husker football seat requests go 3-D

New program not applicable to discounted faculty, staff, student season tickets
View from atop Memorial Stadium's east side.
Craig Chandler | University Communications

A new ticketing system is allowing Husker football fans to select their seats inside Memorial Stadium via an online 3-D program.

The ticketing system, which launched April 28 and is not available for discounted tickets purchased by UNL faculty, staff and students, replaces an antiquated process in which Husker fans requested seats in writing. The update cuts seat request wait time from months to minutes.

“We’re calling our version ‘Seat Yourself,’” said Holly Adam, assistant athletic director for ticketing. “We have placed the tools of technology into our customers’ hands. They get to interactively view their seating choices via a 3-D program and then decide where they want to sit, with the best information available to them.”

The Seat Yourself software system was developed by Ballena, a company that creates systems to simplify ticketing processes at major sporting venues.

“We’re taking customer service to a new level at Nebraska,” said Paul Meyers, associate athletic director for the Huskers Athletic Fund. “We’ve always valued our relationships with donors and season ticket holders whose support makes us who we are. Now we have the capability to enable everyone to go online, contemplate the seats they wish to purchase, and then get a 3-D view of what they’ll see when they actually sit in the seats. Anytime you can simplify the process and provide the exact view and donation level required, it becomes a more efficient experience for everyone.”

Adam said Seat Yourself takes the “best seats available” description to new levels.

“In the past, it was hard to define what ‘best seats available’ really meant to a ticket holder,” Adam said. “Now, for example, fans can see if there are one or two tickets available next to the four they already have. Fans may have gone online initially to upgrade their season tickets and instead may choose to purchase a couple of additional tickets.

“Seat Yourself is an open and transparent process. It puts the control where it needs to be — in the fans’ hands.”

Approximately 3,500 seats were made available to donors, season ticket holders and fans on April 28. An estimated 500 of the tickets are single seats scattered throughout Memorial Stadium. The tickets include a limited number of seats with no donation required (row 90 and above in North Stadium).

The tickets will be sold in a three-step process.

The first step (through May 20) allows approximately 3,800 donors and season ticket holders who have indicated an interest in upgrading or purchasing seats to participate. All have received instructions and assigned times on the process.

The second step is for fans who joined the Huskers ticket request list after April 1. This group will be granted access to Seat Yourself after May 21. Second step purchases will be limited to a maximum of six seats. Purchases will be completed on a first-come, first served basis before tickets are made available to the general public.

Click here for information on getting on the Huskers ticket request list.

The third step, which begins in June, will make all remaining season tickets available to the public for purchase via the Seat Yourself software on the Huskers website.

Individuals with concerns about using the online system can call 1-800-824-4733 weekdays through the 22-day selection period. Employees in the ticket office or the Husker Athletic Fund have been trained to assist with the process over the phone, however transactions must be completed online by fans. Personal assistance is available in the HAF office on the third floor of the Osborne Athletic Complex within North Memorial Stadium.

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