Great Plains Art Museum debuts new look

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Great Plains Art Museum debuts new look

Outside the Great Plains Art Museum, grass continues and is topped by more museum logos.
Jon Humiston | University Communications
Outside, grass continues and is topped by more museum logos.

The Great Plains Art Museum has gotten a new look.

Visitors will notice a theme of prairie grass flowing from the statues outside of the museum, onto the windows with vinyl and then onto the wall outside of the main gallery.

“The museum doesn’t look like a museum the way Sheldon does,” said Katie Nieland, publications specialist for the Great Plains Art Museum, which is part of the Center for Great Plains Studies at 1155 Q St. “We’re a part of this block of buildings that blends into the background, so we wanted a design that would show what we’re about.”

Jon Humiston, creative director at UNL University Communications, created the design, Nieland said. Humiston came up with the concept and color schemes, she said.

The lobby also received a facelift: a new paint job and the addition of the Great Plains Graduate Fellows Commons.

Because the rebranding was completed in August, this month is the first opportunity to show off the museum’s new look on a larger scale, Nieland said.

“Though we haven’t had a First Friday with the new stuff up yet, we hope it will bring in more visitors,” Nieland said.

The Great Plains Art Museum’s first First Friday with the new design was Sept. 6 and featured the artwork of David Sebberson. His minimalist art of the Great Plains will be shown in the main gallery until Sept. 22.

The next artist to be featured in the main gallery will be Randy Waln and his work, “The Degeneration of the Family Farm.” Waln’s pieces will be shown from Sept. 30 until Dec. 15.

All exhibits are free and open to the public.

“As people walk down the art-filled street with the Sheldon and the Lied, we hope to be one of the stops on the way,” Nieland said.

The new theme continues inside the museum at 1155 Q St.
Clear vinyl continues the grass pattern on the inside windows.

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