Five faculty/staff earn campus awards

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Five faculty/staff earn campus awards

The UNL Faculty Senate will consider a motion concerning guns on campus and a proposed professional ethics statement in a 2:30 p.m. Dec. 1 meeting in the East Union, Arbor Suite.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has awarded campus-level awards to John Ballard, Michael Dodd, Michael Habe, Kelly Payne and James Volkmer.

Ballard, former associate dean in the College of Engineering and emeritus professor of industrial and management systems engineering, received the James O’Hanlon Academic Leader Award.

The O’Hanlon honor recognizes a campus leader who has demonstrated exceptional abilities to lead, serve, inspire and collaborate on the academic goals of the university. It is named in honor of James O’Hanlon, who has effectively served the university in multiple academic positions.

Ballard came to Nebraska in 1974 and spent his entire career at the university before he retired in 2011. He served as associate dean of engineering from 1994 to 2007, where he was responsible for faculty affairs, student affairs and academic programs.

Ballard was instrumental in his work to fulfill the university’s mandate that the College of Engineering and Technology become a College of Engineering and its technology programs become fully accredited four-year engineering programs. Ballard enabled the College of Engineering’s undergraduate degree programs to transition to the outcomes based ABET 2000 criteria, which was among the first in the country to successfully navigate this change.

In addition to his leadership contributions, Ballard devoted much of his tenure as associate dean to solving problems with practical solutions that embraced innovation and partnership.

“Dr. John L. Ballard was an exceptional academic leader and member of the University community,” said Lance C. Pérez, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Volkmer, assistant dean for business and finance in academic services and enrollment management and director of enrollment strategies and analytics, received the Nancy Kenny Academic Business Leader Award. The honor is for an individual who has demonstrated exceptional abilities to collaborate on and led with integrity the academic business of the university. The award is named for Nancy Kenny, who served the university in business leadership positions across the campus.

Volkmer has been a pivotal leader in mobilizing the ASEM units to streamline processes, maximize efficiencies and develop innovative practices to achieve the goal to increase enrollment by 5,000 students by 2020. He was a key player in the initiative to facilitate analysis of classroom scheduling practices to maximize efficiency and meet national benchmarks for best practice.

“He is a role model for how university employees can richly contribute to the university community by sharing expertise, working collaboratively and proactively with others, and taking independent initiative,” said Amy Goodburn, associate vice chancellor for academic affairs.

Payne, chief academic adviser in the Department of English, received the Dr. Charles Riedesel Outstanding Academic Advising Award. The honor is for an individual who demonstrates qualities associated with outstanding advising of undergraduate students.

Payne regularly initiates new programs and projects and successfully mentors undergraduate by being a proactive adviser.

“Kelly’s work has aligned closely with and has greatly enhanced departmental, college, and university efforts to recruit, retain, professionalize, nurture, and develop a sense of community and mutual support among our students and the wider campus community,” said Tom Lynch, professor of English.

Dodd, associate professor of psychology, is the inaugural recipient of the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award. The honor recognizes an individual who has demonstrated excellence in mentoring and supporting undergraduate researchers.

Dodd has a significant impact on undergraduate research and goes above and beyond to find projects that match his students’ interests. He works diligently to foster those interests.

An undergraduate research assistant said Dodd’s, “optimism gave me a drive to constantly attempt to better myself, conduct the best possible and most sound research, and with the right attitude, anything is possible.”

Habe, financial specialist in the Department of Art and Art History, has received the University of Nebraska Kudos Staff Award for Academic Affairs. The award honors outstanding service and “going above the call of duty.”

Habe has worked to improve business processes and support the academic and research/creative activity missions of the department and college. She has stepped in to lead and advance the business and finance operations on short notice in several areas of the College.

“Michaela always has a positive attitude, never hesitates to assist her colleagues, and provides outstanding service to each individual she encounters,” said Wendy Duerfeldt Schutte, assistant dean of business and financial affairs in the College of Fine and Performing Arts.

Habe was recognized at the Board of Regents Meeting on March 18.

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