Email message recovery and deletion changes begin Jan. 21

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Email message recovery and deletion changes begin Jan. 21

The system-wide policy changes effective January 21, 2014.

Procedures to self-manage the retrieval and purging of deleted Office 365 email will change beginning Jan. 21.

Email messages deleted longer than seven days will automatically move to a recoverable items folder. Email messages in the recoverable items folder will be retrievable for an additional four days and then purged. Items in the junk mail folder will automatically move to the recoverable Items folder after 14 days, and be purged by the 18th day. Once the messages are purged they are not recoverable by UNL email administrators or by Microsoft.

The University of Nebraska system is applying the new email retention policy for Office 365 email on all campuses. This policy was approved by the Office of the Vice President and General Counsel. All account holders received an email notification, but no immediate action is required.

“This change was originally designed to be implemented when UNL first migrated to Office 365 email,” said Amy Metzger, Office 365 project leader. “Microsoft worked through some technical issues that were preventing it, but now after thorough testing, deletion of unwanted mail is working correctly.”

Metzger added that it may take several weeks before accounts notice all deleted email is permanently purged.

For additional questions, contact the Computer Help Center at, 402-472-3970 or 866-472-3970.

For a complete listing of the policy and instructions, go to

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