During high temps, chip in to reduce heat's impact

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During high temps, chip in to reduce heat’s impact

Editor’s note: Christine Jackson, vice chancellor for business and finance, issued the following message to faculty and staff July 19 regarding the impact of high temperatures on the university’s energy infrastructure.


High temperatures are expected to continue this week with forecast temperatures in the upper 90s every day, accompanied by high humidity. Overnight lows are not expected to drop below 70 degrees in Lincoln until next week. This will increase UNL’s energy bills and will push the limits of the university’s utility plant chillers.

We are asking for your help in reducing the impact of the heat wave by taking these steps:

  • Close window drapes, curtains or blinds, especially when windows are in direct sunlight.

  • Turn off or dim electric lights as much as possible and turn all lights off whenever leaving a room or office. Close your window shade and use electric light when your window is in direct sunlight; when it is not, open the drapes and turn off your electric lights.

  • Turn off computer monitors, projectors and computers whenever possible.

  • Minimize ventilation by closing fume hood sashes and turning off any unneeded exhaust fans.

  • Keep outdoor air from entering buildings by closing doors, including vestibules, and keeping all windows closed.

These steps are especially important for this week, and may be the difference between a hot campus building and a comfortable one. The steps also will make a difference in UNL’s electric bills.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

Christine Jackson, vice chancellor for business and finance

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