Buros Center develops comprehensive subscription database

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Buros Center develops comprehensive subscription database

New resource from the Buros Center for Testing displays commitment to multicultural and international assessment.

The Buros Center for Testing, a part of the UNL College of Education and Human Sciences, has developed a new subscription database that integrates all three of its publications, combining descriptive information about English and Spanish tests with test reviews in one convenient digital resource. The database, Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print Internacional, is available from EBSCO Information Services to reference libraries and other customers.

“Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print Internacional expands on the strong tradition of integrity combined with a progressive vision for the future that is embodied in the work of the Buros Center for Testing,” said Kurt F. Geisinger, the Buros Center’s testing director.

The center has had subscription database offerings that included content from The Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print for many years. The newest product adds content previously available only in the print publication Pruebas Publicadas en Español.

PPE contains side-by-side Spanish and English descriptions of more than 400 Spanish-language tests. Entries include information about 22 aspects of the test, including test norms, norming samples, country and language of origin and methods used to translate or adapt tests when applicable. The MMY series contains more than 10,000 full-text reviews of testing instruments written by prominent content-area experts. The TIP publication is essentially a bibliography to all known commercially available tests currently in circulation in the English language. The combination of PPE, TIP, and MMY, made available digitally by subscription for the first time, offers a convenient and powerful resource addressing thousands of tests.

The UNL Internet and Interactive Media department, which is a partnership between University Communications and Information Technology Services, have been assisting the Buros Center with the development of a new internal database. This new database has made a substantial and positive impact on efforts to successfully transmit data to EBSCO.

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