Budget reduction hearing is April 16

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Budget reduction hearing is April 16

The Academic Planning Committee will hold a public hearing on proposed UNL budget reductions at 3 p.m. today (April 16) in the Nebraska Union’s Colonial Room. Participation by students, faculty and staff is encouraged.

The hearing — which is open to the public — will address the $4.65 million reduction announced in March by Chancellor Harvey Perlman.

The tasks of the APC are to monitor and guide the budget reduction process and review the chancellor’s proposed budget reductions. The committee considers the probable impact the reductions may have on UNL’s academic mission. The APC can approve the proposals or suggest other methods of meeting the budget reduction goal.

The APC welcomes information from all students, faculty and staff who may be affected by the proposed reductions. Presentations can be made in person during the scheduled hearing or in writing to the committee.

For more information on how to provide information to the APC, click here.

The budget recommendations include:

  • Withholding 1 percent of the anticipated 3 percent salary increase pool. Amounting to $3.2 million, this would cover the majority of the budget shortfall.

  • Reducing $318,226 of discretionary resources for strategic initiatives from the Chancellor’s Office’s budget.

  • Eliminating $200,000 from the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs’ support for summer session programs.

  • Reducing support of IANR’s Educational Media by $406,000.

  • Reducing state funding in the Office of Student Affairs by $425,774. Reductions in state-funded activities include four graduate assistant positions and shifting other expenses from state funds to student fees. Fee-supported units would be required to reduce their operational costs to assure there is no increase in student fees.

  • Reducing once-a-week campus floor burnishing to once a month, saving $100,000.

Read more about the specific recommendations on the chancellor’s website.

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