A note from Chancellor Perlman: 4.1.2015

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A note from Chancellor Perlman: 4.1.2015

Chancellor Harvey Perlman

Chancellor Harvey Perlman announced his plans to step down as chancellor in this university-wide email on April 1, 2015.

Dear Colleagues:

On April 1, 2001 – 14 years ago today – I began my tenure as your chancellor. It has been a thrilling ride for me, largely because of your extraordinary accomplishments that have contributed to the growth and increased stature of the university. Those contributions, too numerous to mention, include inspired teaching and research by faculty, engagement and support from staff, and creative leadership by administrators at every level. I have always been surprised at how forgiving you have been of my mistakes and how supportive you have been of me personally.

For a variety of reasons, both personal and professional, I believe that 2015-16 should be my last year as chancellor. This will allow an orderly transition and give our new president, Hank Bounds, an opportunity to organize and conduct a search for my successor. One disappointment in my decision is that I will not have the opportunity to serve longer with President Bounds, who I have quickly grown to respect in our interactions.

It is apparent that my age, longevity in this office and the uncertainty of my continuing tenure creates challenges for the recruitment of high-level administrators. I also believe UNL could benefit from an infusion of new ideas and new energy. And, honestly, while I remain excited about the opportunities I see for the university, I am increasingly weary of many of the burdens and demands of this office. I have always wanted to “do” chancellor, not just to “be” chancellor, and that has become more difficult. As they say in athletics, I will leave it all on the court during this next year. Then I hope you will allow me to fade, quietly and without fanfare, back to the law school.

UNL is well positioned to attract new leadership and to continue its trajectory to be one of the great research, land-grant universities in the country. I am optimistic about its future. Thank you all for your indulgence in allowing me to lead my alma mater. I will always be grateful.


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