Zoom settings available for added security

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Zoom settings available for added security

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The number of “Zoombombings” has continued to rise, as institutions and corporations across the country move to remote teaching, learning and working environments.

To maximize the security of all users and minimize the possibility for disruption, do not post public links to meetings, forward meeting invites or share meeting IDs beyond the intended audience. Zoom also encourages some key practices to help prevent unwanted participants from joining meetings: using meeting passwords and enabling waiting rooms.

Over the weekend, Zoom made passwords and waiting rooms default settings for K-12 users. While these continue to be optional settings for higher education licenses, including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, it is suggested to learn new processes that accompany passwords and waiting rooms in the case these become default settings for higher education in the future.

Information Technology Services at the University of Nebraska will always endeavor to provide the most advance notice possible if there will be a change applied to default Zoom settings, but also suggest that users prepare now by beginning to incorporate these security features into meeting practices.

View how to apply these features online.

For a broader range of Digital Security tips related to COVID-19, visit the NU ITS Digital Security website.

If you have any questions, please contact the University Help Desk at 402-472-3970 or support@nebraska.edu.

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