Werum explores connections between women, military and STEM careers

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Werum explores connections between women, military and STEM careers

Video: Military provides alternate path to STEM careers

New research by Nebraska’s Regina Werum, in collaboration with Christina Steidl at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, suggests the U.S. military may provide an important path to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields — especially for women.


“(Women with military experience) are more likely to go on to college and earn a degree in a STEM field,” said Werum, professor of sociology. “And, the odds are higher that they’ll work in a STEM occupation.”

The research was featured in the National Science Foundation’s annual “STEM for All Video Showcase.” The 2019 event featured more than 240 innovative projects funded by the NSF and other federal agencies. Werum’s project is funded through a $174,292 award from the NSF’s Social and Economic Sciences division. Click the video at top to learn more about the project.

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