Volunteers sought to serve on University Conduct Board

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Volunteers sought to serve on University Conduct Board

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Craig Chandler | University Communication and Marketing

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards is seeking faculty, staff and students to volunteer as members of the University Conduct Board. Members receive training and serve on conduct boards for cases as their time permits throughout the year.

University Conduct Boards are comprised of faculty, staff and students who are trained in the Student Code of Conduct process and are committed to facilitating student learning through the conduct process. Board members serve on panels of at least three members throughout the year to determine whether students and student organizations are responsible for violations of the Student Code of Conduct and to recommend appropriate responses to foster student growth and development.

The University Conduct Board plays an integral role in the facilitation of formal Student Code of Conduct cases and ensures that students are given an opportunity to have their cases heard by a representative body of the university. While there is no minimum number of boards a member may serve on each year, Student Conduct and Community Standards encourages board members to participate as much as scheduling allows.

Application deadline is July 24.

Faculty and staff members interested in participating can apply here, and students interested can apply here.

Selected applicants will be required to participate in training. Additional training may be required as policies and procedures are updated or new topical areas need to be addressed.

For questions, contact the Student Conduct and Community Standards at 402-472-2021 or studentconduct@unl.edu.

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