Volunteers cleaning up Deadman's Run tributary

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Volunteers cleaning up Deadman’s Run tributary

Jennifer Weisbrod (crouched on the left), John Hay (directly left of the truck), and volunteers in front of the truck that was used to assist the removal of trash in the creek.
Jennifer Weisbrod (crouched, second from left), John Hay (third from left), and volunteers stand in front of the truck that was used to assist the removal of trash in the creek.

Faculty, staff and student volunteers from University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus were willing to step in to restore Deadman’s Run Tributary.

Nebraska Extension Educators Jennifer Weisbrod and John Hay created the creek cleanup event on June 8. Overall, 11 volunteers navigated through damp and lush vegetation to retrieve trash and debris from the creek.

The cleanup spanned a portion of Deadman’s Run tributary beginning where the creek enters East Campus from the culvert under Holdrege Street. Trash bins and litter pickers were located onsite prior to the event by Landscape Services which allowed the group to get an early start going straight to work by 8 a.m. and cleaning for about two hours.

“The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s East Campus is a highlight of our state with beautiful, natural areas that exhibit some of the diverse environments Nebraska boasts,” Weisbrod said. “Meandering through the campus is Deadman’s Run, a natural part of the local watershed. This area plays host to a number of Nebraska’s native plants and animals and is a shining example of our beautiful campus. However, rain and winds have drug in large amounts of trash along the run that may impact local wildlife and plants.”

The creek cleanup event was sponsored by Landscape Services, which provided trash bins and removing the trash for disposal in the landfill. The Environmental Health and Safety Stormwater Management Program was also a sponsor and assisted with the cleanup. Patrick Boulas, stormwater program specialist, and Macrae Zappala, a technician with Environmental Health and Safety, where among those meandering the creek bank and picking up trash alongside volunteers.

“I am truly proud to be part of a program at UNL that is encouraged to work with the campus community and support these types of events,” Boulas said. “It might not be the cleanest activity on campus but it certainly is needed to ensure East Campus can continue to strive for a cleaner environment. It’s great knowing that the hard work everyone has volunteered today has gone to just that.”

An estimated 1,200 pounds of trash was recovered from the creek. Looking in to the future the group will be meeting again in hopes to organize another cleanup in other areas of Deadman’s Run tributary.

Learn more information regarding stormwater Management on campus.

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