Video launches semester-long exploration of N2025 strategic plan

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Video launches semester-long exploration of N2025 strategic plan

Video: Focus on our N2025 future

A video has launched a semester-long conversation exploring the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s N2025 strategic plan.

Announced in an email on Feb. 15 — the 153rd anniversary of the signing of the charter that created the University of Nebraska — the video features a discussion between Chancellor Ronnie Green, Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Ankerson and the faculty co-chairs who led creation of the N2025 strategic plan.

“I am excited for the focus on our N2025 strategic plan this semester, for the work that has already been done, and the important work still to do to make our world-leading, flagship, land-grant, Big Ten university even more successful,” Green said.

The onging series will feature regular videos that provide details on the progress toward each of the six N2025 plan aims. Other elements of the discussion include updates with the chancellor and other campus leaders, and the release of an expanded N2025 website. Later in the semester, two listening sessions (both open to the campus community) will be held to discuss the N2025 aims.

This semester-long focus on the N2025 strategic plan replace the chancellor’s annual State of Our University Address — which in recent years had been held around Feb. 15 as part of the university’s charter day celebration. In 2022, the State of Our University Address will be held in September, the start of the new academic year and a time when campus leaders hope the nation will be past the direct impacts of the pandemic.

Learn more about the university’s N2025 strategic plan, which is organized around the theme, “Where every person and every interaction matters.”

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